Will I have to close my offices for the day?


No. Our expert technicians visit your workplace at a mutually convenient time (we are happy to do evenings and weekends) to ensure minimal disruption to your work day. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes to dry, leaving a protective coating on all surfaces so you can safely get back to work.

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment can protect for more than 30 days in undisturbed areas. On high contact areas like keyboards and door handles we recommend regular wiping with a chemically dampened cloth between our visits. We can supply the appropriate chemical.

What is the advantage over standard cleaning solutions?

Firstly, due to the way bio-misting is applied, we are able to ensure effective coverage over large areas fast, ensuring minimal disruption to you, and no 'missed' areas. Secondly, the special coating that we use re-activates when it becomes wet (such as through coughs and sneezes), at which point the sanitiser kills any germs, viruses or bacteria in minutes.

What kind of area can you cover?

Bio-misting can be carried out everywhere from the largest warehouse to the smallest apartment or vehicle. Our clients include car showrooms, hairdressers, restaurants, retail outlets and schools. It can even be used to sterilise car interiors.

Can bio-misting be used in kitchens?

Yes. Our chemicals are completely safe to be used in food preparation areas.

How much does it cost?

Call us today with the dimensions of the room(s) you would like treated, and we can arrange a quick no obligation quote. We can also offer cost effective packages for regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits.